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Katie Baker

Principal Designer / Owner

WHY INTERIOR DESIGN: Deciding on my career in Interior Design has been a journey of self-discovery. I explored all different paths from Psychology to Elementary Education to Teaching English to Speakers of Different Languages to Japanese. Always feeling something wasn’t quite right there was a piece of me that was missing. I knew I loved helping people. I love understanding the physical, mental and emotional needs of individuals. I love learning about cultures and languages. I knew I needed some artistic expression. I finally directed myself towards Photography feeling like this has got to be it- I get to interact with so many individuals, capture precious moments, and use a touch of that artistic side of me. I studied to get my bachelor’s degree from the Art Institute in Salt Lake City in my first set of fundamental classes I took a Perspective Drawing class. Here we sketched out a room in a 3D perspective view and then took trace paper to layer different things we could do within the space. I absolutely loved it! I went home telling Daniel about how much I loved this project. He was quiet just listening to all the details. Later that night he told me that maybe I should think about switching my career path one more time and suggested Interior Design. Right then my direction all became clear. I get to help people, understand their individual needs, work with different cultures and styles, and finally get to pull my love for art, color, space, movement into one profession. To say that Interior Design is my passion feels a little like an understatement. Design is a big part of my life, my heart and my soul. I feel so incredibly lucky to be able to do what I love and work with so many amazing individuals.


After receiving her Bachelor’s of Science in Interior Design (2018), Katie worked with a custom home builder in the Houston area as an Architectural Drafter/Designer, learning more of the ins and outs of the home building process. She has worked with many amazing designers from all over the U.S. gaining a unique background as she works with countless styles, creating and communicating design vision for clients. Her intention for every design project is to be able to capture what the client is truly aiming towards. Creating spaces that are beautiful but also functional and efficient for everyday use. Believing that spaces are meant to be lived in, loved in, and enjoyed in. Design is more than picking out a nice pillow or some art just to fill a wall, it is about finding and creating an extended representation of yourself.


When Katie isn’t designing, she loves to enjoy time with friends and family. She loves eating a variety of cuisines; her favorites are Thai and Japanese food. She likes snuggling up with a good book or taking time out of her day to write. Katie loves to explore the world - traveling is always on her mind. Sunset Beach on Oahu is her ultimate favorite place to be.


“I think women have the tendency to want to wait for permission. Permission to speak their truth, to ask what they want. I think that the fact that you want it, whatever it is that you want, is the permission enough to go after it.”- Karin Bohn

Katie Baker
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