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Stacy Cox

Junior Designer


One reason Stacy enjoys residential interior design so much is because she gets the opportunity to help create spaces that families will be making memories in. It’s neat to create layouts and source furniture pieces that represent the clients’ style while still being functional and efficient for their daily lives. She likes that each project is different, new, and requires creative thinking.


Stacy began working of AHCD late summer of 2021. While working, she finished classes and graduated from Ivy Tech Community College that winter.


Her family and friends mean the world to her, so she’s always trying to find time to spend with them. Her pets also have high priority in her life. She likes to travel and take adventures because each trip allows her to appreciate scenery near and far while making memories and meeting new people along the way. A few others things she loves are coffee, sunsets, bike rides, shopping sprees and country music.


"Figure out what fuels your joy, then do lots of that." -Bob Goff

Finding work, activities, and people in your life that bring joy is so important. This team is incredible to work with – they challenge you to strive for goals, see obstacles in new perspectives, and give you a laugh throughout each day.

Stacy Cox
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